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8 Best Divorce Lawyers in Toronto – Updated November 2022

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We researched over 100 best divorce lawyers in Toronto, Canada, and out of these, we selected some of the best divorce attorneys in the city. We selected these lawyers or law firms based on their 50+inspection key points such as history, complaints, cost, rating, reviews, affordability, availability, practice areas, etc.

Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers

1. Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers

5.0 (Based on 737+ Reviews)

Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers might be your best choice if you’re looking for the best divorce or family lawyer in Toronto. Their doors are still open, and both new and old customers can still get in touch with them. Only divorce law and family-related issues, such as separation, property division, spousal support, child custody and access, and child support, are handled by Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. The skilled group of divorce attorneys, law clerks, and support employees who have received collaborative law training are available to help you achieve your objectives.

Galbraith Family Law

2. Galbraith Family Law

4.9 (Based on 150+ Reviews)

Having a family can be difficult at times, whether you are married, separated, or divorced. Here, they discuss everything and ask for your opinion. They are a group of five divorce attorneys who can offer assistance if needed. There are locations for Galbraith Family Law in Barrie, Newmarket, and Toronto. Galbraith Family Law is a firm that only practices family law, with a focus on collaborative team practice. “Resolving Family Conflict With Heart” is their motto. They assist clients in resolving problems associated with divorce and separation. Custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, equalization, and property split are just a few possible problems. Depending on your individual family circumstances, they can also assist you in creating a new will at this point.

Stanchieri Family Law

3. Stanchieri Family Law

4.7 (Based on 71+ Reviews)

In the field of family law, Stanchieri Family Law is a dependable and recognized pioneer. In Ontario, Canada, this law company has assisted more than 2,300 clients in resolving different legal challenges associated with their divorce or separation. In family law, their attorneys represent a wide spectrum of clients, but those with complicated legal problems will gain the most from working with their firm. They can meet with clients in person at their Toronto office, but they also provide virtual legal services for those who would rather communicate virtually. Regardless of the client’s location, they are perfectly positioned to assist clients with legal issues in Toronto and throughout the rest of Ontario.

Sheard Law Professional Corporation

4. Sheard Law PC

4.8 (Based on 20+ Reviews)

This law firm was established in 2011 by John Sheard to serve the Danforth neighborhood of Toronto. It offers a novel approach to family law practice that is based on realism and reason. Even though the legal profession has undergone significant change, John’s leadership nevertheless adheres to these values. They advise clients to pick a lawyer in Toronto who seems like a “good fit” given the variety of legal professionals in the city. They desire to assist customers. They want clients to understand their corporate culture from the start because of this.

Baker & Baker Professional Corporation

5. Baker & Baker Professional Corporation

4.2 (Based on 116+ Reviews)

In Toronto, Baker and Baker Family Lawyers recognize that going through a divorce can be stressful and that it can be challenging to separate feelings from practical considerations. Therefore, they use their knowledge and expertise to identify the solutions that will help you save time, money, and a great deal of hassle. They believe in guiding you through your legal matters as effectively and efficiently as possible. The Greater Toronto Area, encompassing downtown Toronto, North York, York, Mississauga, Markham, and Vaughan, is served by them.

James S. Marks

6. James S. Marks

4.8 (Based on 29+ Reviews)

James Marks is a divorce attorney in Toronto with a Master’s in family law. He has more than 20 years of experience handling difficult divorces and instances involving abducted children from abroad. He assisted a wide range of clients in managing difficult divorce situations, including those involving high earners, sizable real estate portfolios, business evaluations, contentious custody disputes, and complex work circumstances. He represented clients across the province of Ontario, and he appeared in court at all levels, including the Ontario Court of Appeal (see Court decisions).

Shulman & Partners LLP

7. Shulman & Partners LLP

4.3 (Based on 82+ Reviews)

Divorce and separation may be challenging and uncertain periods. Their team of Toronto family lawyers is committed to tenaciously protecting their clients’ rights and achieving outstanding outcomes. When they are in need, their clients come to them for prompt, efficient legal counsel and assistance. They frequently represent clients in court proceedings, appeals, and in ADR procedures like discussions, mediations, and arbitrations. So this is a terrific choice for you if you’re looking for the best divorce lawyers in Toronto.

Benmor Family Law Group

8. Benmor Family Law Group

4.6 (Based on 85+ Reviews)

Benmor Family Law Group’s attorneys treat their clients as they would want to be treated since they are aware that divorce can be emotionally and financially taxing. They collaborate with you to decide when to calmly negotiate or aggressively litigate — all while prioritizing the interests of your family over legal fees — whether they are assisting you with separation, divorce, custody, access, child support, or spousal support, mediation, or parenting coordination. Their staff of divorce experts assists you throughout your case with expertise since they are well aware of how divorce affects you, your family, and your life. Call them to safeguard your family, your possessions, your company, and your peace of mind.

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